50 Ton Liebherr LTC 1050-3.1 City

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3 axle City Crane with extendable cab up to 7.8 m in height . Travels with all its 6.5 tons of ballast on its desk.  

Make: Liebherr

Telescopic Boom Length =36.0 m
Cab Height= 7.8m 
Swing Section Length = 7.5m
Stinger Length = 5.5m
Runner Length = 
Fixed Fly Maximum Length = 
Hydraulically Offset Fixed Fly Jib = N/A
Luffing Fly Jib Maximum Length = N/A
Outrigger Base = 6.4m x 6.2m 
Intermediate Outrigger Configuration =6.4 m x 4.4m , 6.4m x 2,3m
Variobase =  N/A
Overall Length in traveling order = 9.7m
Overall Width in traveling order = 2.5 m
Overall Height in traveling order = 3.8m 
Overall Weight in traveling order = 36 ton 
Maximum Weight Per Axle = 12 ton
Maximum Gradeability = 41%
Minimum Turning Radius = 5.4m
List of ballast configurations = 4.8 ton , 1.7 ton 
Maximum Working Radius = 33m Main Boom
Maximum Height Under Hook =40m
Hire Rates
Name Rate Hire Duration
Hourly Rate Exclusive of any Operators overtime that may be applicable.

Weekdays 08:30AM - 17:00PM

€120.00 per hour

10 hours min

8.0 hours
Time and a half
Time and a Half Rate

Sat 08:30AM - 12:30PM

Weekdays 17:00PM - 23:59PM

€155.00 per hour

10 hours min

2.0 hours

Sun 00:00AM - 23:59PM

Sat 00:00AM - 08:30AM

Sat 12:30PM - 23:59PM

Weekdays 00:00AM - 08:30AM

€175.00 per hour

10 hours min

0 hours